Who is Sequoia Precision Goods?

     Sequoia Precision Goods is the first name in high quality, innovative kitchen products for today’s home chefs. Whether you are an experienced home chef or are just learning how to cook for your family, Sequoia Precision Goods has the product you need that will make creating that special dish easy, convenient and a lot more fun.

Quality and Value in Everything We Do

     Headquartered in California, Sequoia Precision Goods is a company with the vision of becoming a global leader in kitchen essentials. Our newest standalone brand, Sequoia Blade, has already become synonymous with that rare combination of quality and reasonable pricing, creating unheard of value. We have become a market leader enabling our company to grow and focus on providing our customers with additional products. Our products begin with engineering and are then turned over to artisan craftsman designers, the resulting knives offer beauty and extraordinary functionality.

The Typical Sequoia Precision Goods Customer

     Designed for families with both experienced home chefs and those new to the kitchen, Sequoia Precision Goods and Sequoia Blade offer incredibly high standards of quality unheard of at our price level. When today’s chefs want to cook an exciting new dish for their families, they can count on our reliability and durability to create their masterpiece.

What We Offer

     Sequoia Precision Goods makes products that can improve your life and make cooking for your family fun again. Ironically, a sharp knife is safer than a dull one. The sharp knife easily cuts through your food while a dull knife forces you to exert extra effort, often resulting in slips which can be very dangerous. Many families have gotten away from cooking healthy, delicious meals for themselves and we have made it our mission to bring back that experience of having everyone sitting and talking around the dinner table. Our collection of high quality kitchen essentials is designed from start to finish with the needs of the typical family in mind. Whether you are creating something exciting for a casual dinner party or making a romantic dinner for two, our products can help you get the results you want.

Service and Support

     Sequoia Precision Goods offers you professional service and support whether it's before, during or after your purchase. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and to know that we stand behind our products and are available to answer any questions you might have. Our products are designed to be used every day, under the harshest of conditions and they keep coming back for more. We make products that can be used for generations by families everywhere and we will continue to design, develop and manufacture our products this way to ensure your satisfaction.