About Us

     Hello and welcome to the online home of one of the industry’s largest and best retailers of high quality Sequoia Blade knives and kitchen essentials. Sequoia Precision Goods carries a wide range of high quality, moderately priced kitchen essentials perfect for families looking to make cooking dinner easier and more fun. Our online retail site offers a wide range of custom curated products, all hand selected by our in-house product experts for their quality and value and each one is offered at the lowest price possible.

Who We Are

     Headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California and serving the needs of home chefs, culinary experts and anyone who wants a better, more dependable kitchen knife, Sequoia Precision Goods is the only online retailer offering our exclusive Sequoia Blade line of knives. If you want a wide selection of innovative, premium knives and other essentials for your kitchen, friendly customer service and a team of professionals dedicated to your family’s online shopping needs, choose Sequoia Precision Goods today and experience the difference our quality and value can make for you. We work hard every day to earn your business and our staff is committed to your complete satisfaction with every purchase.

The Sequoia Precision Goods Mission

     Serving the needs of our retail, E-commerce and wholesale customers all over the world, Sequoia Precision Goods is an independently owned and operated business focused on offering a wide selection of brand name kitchen products from all over the world. Every Sequoia Blade product we carry is guaranteed new, authentic and direct from our manufacturer without any middlemen to drive up the prices. We keep our overhead low to ensure that you save money every time you shop with us. At Sequoia Precision Goods, we have made it our goal to deliver all three parts of great service- high quality, quick turnaround and competitive prices and our mission is to provide high quality, innovative kitchen products that are as unique and individual as our customers and designed to make cooking for your families and friends easier and more care-free.

Sequoia Precision Goods offers a wide range of kitchen knives, tools and other products for our customers including:

  • Sequoia Blade Knives
  • Kitchen Essentials
  • And Much More

Our Founder

     Hi, my name is Huiru Xu and I am the founder of Sequoia Precision Goods, LLC. I want to take the time to personally thank you for visiting us today and for making Sequoia Precision Goods your number one choice for high quality kitchen tools online. Whether you are shopping for something for your family, or as a gift for someone special, Sequoia Precision Goods has the name brand products you want at prices you will love. We are always adding new products to our line-up so be sure to check back often and see what we have to offer. Thank you for shopping with us and please feel free to contact us with any concerns you might have about our products, how to use them or about your order.

Why Choose Sequoia Precision Goods?

     We specialize in sourcing the highest quality materials for making our kitchen knives and accessories. Our main goal is to offer home chefs a wide range of new and innovative kitchen products that can save time in the kitchen and help create incredible, mouth-watering dishes for your family. Sequoia Precision Goods values our customers and works hard to ensure your complete satisfaction. Before, during and after every sale, we will be there to answer any questions and to provide you with the best experience possible.

5 More Reasons to Shop with Sequoia Precision Goods, LLC

     As if you needed any more reasons to shop with the industry leader in high quality kitchen knives and accessories, here are 5 more!

  • No price surprises-the price you see, is the price you pay.
  • The best selection of products-we carry a wide range of kitchen products to choose from.
  • Quality support-our team of style experts are standing by to serve your needs and answer your questions.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed-every purchase is guaranteed by us to be the best products at the best prices.
  • Secure checkout-your personal information is safe on our site.

Get Social with Us

     To learn more about Sequoia Precision Goods, contact us today and let one of our experienced product specialists assist you and answer any questions you might have about our full line of exclusive Sequoia Blade kitchen knives and accessories. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to become a part of the Sequoia Precision Goods online community and be the first to see our newest products and to receive special promotions from us that could save you money on your next purchase.